2007 Football Speed Camp Pics

The best camp ever with 100% improvement of more than 50% on all testing.  test were given in the 40 yard dash, Pro Agility, T-Test, Broad Jump, Hurdle Jumps, Push Ups and Sit Ups, 300-Yard Shuttle, and the 1.5-Mile Run.  Following the 8-week program designed for high school football players, each athlete improved from their pre-test to the post test.


This is the way summer camps are supposed to be...fun, positive, and rewarding.  No student-athlete should be at a camp that claims to help you, when they don't know what you can do and how to get you to improve.  Below are just some pictures of a few athletes that were "Stars of the Show" for this year's summer camp.  Some pictures are even from our "End of the Summer Pool Party!"  Did your camp give you a pool party for you and your parents?  Well, guess we'll see all of you next year...thanks again student-athlete campers.  Great job, great work!

Mike preparing for the triangle starting stance