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Sport consultation adheres to the mission of Philadelphia Sports Training Center and to student-athlete personal, academic and athletic development. With these objectives, sport consultation takes into consideration the individual student-athlete and the various team personalities and issues that may arise, in order to enhance the overall student-athlete experience.

The objective of sport consultation is to share expertise with interested individuals so they can make informed decisions and formulate appropriate courses of action with regard to student-athlete's activities. Sport consulting professionals are interested in:

  • Helping athletes achieve optimal mind and body functioning to improve performance and
  • Understanding how participation in sport, exercise, and physical activity enhance personal development, health, and well-being throughout life

Role clarification and clear communication are important concepts when dealing with these issues. If multiple consultees or goals are involved, it is important for the sport consultant to be aware of possible conflict opportunities. The sport consultant may frequently need to restate the boundaries and definitions of his or her practice with the various consultees so the role does not become confused or jeopardized.

Sport consulting activities address topics such as:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Life skills
  • Coach, athlete, and team relationships
  • Academic performance issues
  • Relationship principles
  • Eating disorders and disordered eating
  • Injury rehabilitation, and
  • Personal identity
  • Financial burdens
  • Family issues

Consultation with athletes and coaches is conducted in a wide variety of settings such as: individual meetings, small group discussions, team meetings, in hallways, walking between classes, in coaches offices, in the weight room, in stadium bleachers, in the locker room, and at the athletic venue (e.g., pool deck, basketball court, softball field, volleyball court). Sport consultation offers one-to-one consultation services to address athletic related issues such as performance enhancement, athletic identity development, communication, motivation, anxiety-reduction, athletic injury rehabilitation, and ending an athletic career.

Sport consultation provides psycho-educational groups to address issues such as: mind/body skill development, disordered eating or body image, stress management, injury rehabilitation, team cohesion and motivation. Group issues are addressed through interactive educational processes, open discussions, and interventions. Team presentations and workshops, offering a psychological perspective to enhance performance are also provided.

Sport consultation is also utilized to address PSTC administration development opportunities. The sport consultant meets regularly with an associate athletic director to discuss departmental concerns, coaching concerns, extreme student-athlete concerns (i.e., coach-athlete conflicts, student-athlete legal issues, student-athlete judicial affairs issues, student-athlete drug/alcohol use and abuse, sexual misconduct) and programming opportunities. Through discussions with the associate athletic director, the sport consultant may consult with other administrators, departments, and instructors to gather information, develop additional resources for student-athletes, or organize programming opportunities.

There are issues of sport consulting that are confidential and any questions about confidentiality are discussed during the first appointment and on an ongoing basis, as needed. Similar to psychological counseling, sport consulting abides by the same rules of confidentiality in accordance with professional psychology state laws and ethical standards. Individuals seeking consultation services must consent to the services provided and are given the option to release confidential information to other sources, if needed.

Sport consultation takes a comprehensive approach to problem/issue reduction and performance enhancement. Sport consultation often incorporates the collaboration of multiple administrators and professionals to address the presented athletic related issue(s). A consultation may include: athletic trainers, Alcohol and Drug Awareness Prevention Program coordinator, coaches, faculty athletic representative, PSTC student services staff, judicial affairs, parents, psychological counselors, residence hall advisors, sports medicine, biomechanists, nutritionists, physiologists, and/or sport psychology faculty. Addressing the personal development of effective life skills, in addition to the student-athlete's athletic development requires the assistance and resources of various factors in the student-athlete's world. Thus, sport consultation may frequently refer to these valuable resources that influence the student-athlete.

Confidentiality of Information

Philadelphia Sports Training Center has a strong commitment to keeping the information you share confidential and maintaining secure and confidential records. Beyond our own commitment to confidentiality, state and federal law requires it. There are exceptions to confidentiality, but they are rare. Early in the working relationship we will make you aware of these exceptions and fully disclose the nature of our work as well as your rights.

Philadelphia Sports Training Center takes these professional issues very seriously. In fact we do not disclose who we work with. Although some practitioners in the field of sport consulting may disclose their (famous) clientele; in doing so they may be violating their ethical code of conduct as well as state and federal law. We urge you to be an educated consumer and question the reputation, background, and conduct of any sport psychologist, performance psychologist, or "executive coach" who discloses their clientele, past and present.

"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." - Abraham Lincoln

We at Philadelphia Sports Training Center believe as did Abraham Lincoln that focusing on doing things well (the ‘real thing’) and providing services that are top-notch produces excellence and integrity for all involved.