The program is set up both systematic and individualized.  Each student-athlete will meet with an academic advisor when beginning training at Philadelphia Sports Training Center.  In the initial meeting we will talk about the student’s prior academic achievement and where he or she will like to go in the future (both high school and college). We will also discuss study habits and the willingness to put in the time it takes to reach academic success if the student is struggling. It is also mandatory for the student to provide me with an official or unofficial transcript of at least one year prior.  In this meeting, we will discuss the needs of the student in considering one-to-tutoring, peer tutoring, and group tutoring.  Student-athletes will be able to schedule their SACT time in accordance to their schedule. All student athletes with a GPA below 3.2 will be required to attend study hall. 

During study hall, students are expected to do homework, study for tests, write papers, complete reading assignments, and work on any other school-related projects. A tutor will be available for questions during this time.  Each student will require different tools to succeed academically, some children will need one-on-one tutoring while others may just need a little discipline and a quiet work space to sit down and spend time on their school work.  Whatever the case, the SACT Program can accommodate every student’s needs. Our services include but are not limited to: 

§         Academic tutoring (one-on-one, peer, group, and team)

§         Counseling on personal issues

§         SAT/ACT Prep Course

§         First SAT/ACT test free

§         Homework Help

§         Academic Evaluation

§         Eligibility Monitoring on a weekly basis          

§         Mandatory Study Hall below 3.2 G.P.A.

§         Help with the college admissions process including essay writing

§         The most current NCAA Clearinghouse eligibility requirements