Speed - Agility - Quickness Training

Components of all Sports Performance Training Programs

Speed Development:
Sprint Mechanics
Explosion Drills
Assisted Speed Development
Resisted Speed Development
Every Session Includes:
Dynamic Warm-up
Quickness Drills
Agility Drills
Jumping Drills
Speed Development and Sprinting
Enhanced Speed Development
Speed Conditioning
Sport Specific Training and Drills
Dynamic Cool-down



Exclusive times for the team/group

up to 2 hours of training

skill specific SAQ Training

Agility Training:
Change of Direction
Balance Training
Explosive Maneuvering
Start and Stop Acceleration and Explosion
Quickness Development:
Quick Foot Drills,
First Step
Starting and Stopping Quickness
Acceleration Development
Jumping Development:
Jumping Drills
Resisted and Assisted Jumping
Jumping Mechanics

Trying to get to the next level at your school or in your league?

Want to start this year on the team?

Do you know how to make this year different than last year?

How about making the team this year, instead of getting cut?

If you're a starter, how many records have your broken?

Answer to any question you have about your game...

...is to get trained by a professional.

We work with professional athletes primarily in football, basketball, hockey, and soccer.  But we are opening the availability to high school athletes (ONLY) that want to train.  We work on strength & Power and also Speed-Agility-Quickness.  We do NOT teach skill, we teach you how to bio-mechanically move your body parts to be more efficient.  We work in combination with your coaches or sports camps you enroll in over the summer.  Check out the groups below and get your GAME ON!

Group Sports Training

8 Weeks

Includes T-Shirt

Maximum 50 athletes per Group

Platinum Program (3 Days/Week) Cost $500 (per player)

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

8am - 9:30am    Group I

5pm - 6:30pm    Group II

Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday

7am - 8:30am    Group III  

7:30pm - 9pm    Group IV

Gold Program (2 Days / week)    Cost $300 (per player)

Monday & Wednesday

10am - 11:30am    Group V

Tuesday & Thursday

6pm - 7:30pm               Group VII

Wednesday & Friday

12pm - 1:30pm          Group VIII

3pm - 4:30pm            Group IX

Thursday & Saturday

10am - 11:30am        Group X