The Sports Training Foundation

Membership financial commitments are the backbone of The Sports Training Foundation funding. It represents a potential for unified action: a unified attack on major problems, a unified push for improved legislation, an opportunity to act on new ideas, and a chance to meet with others and discuss mutual concerns. Upon joining The Sports Training Foundation, the individual member becomes a member of Philadelphia Sports Training Center.  By joining with The Sports Training Foundation members, an individual gains a more powerful voice in the decision-making process. Any person interested in the welfare of children and youth through Education & Sports qualifies as a potential member in The Sports Training Foundation.

Members are expected to:

Ø      Attend at least 75% of  monthly meetings

Ø      Uphold the Code of Ethics of the Sports Training Foundation

Ø      Bring at least one guest to monthly meetings

Ø      Up-to-date on all membership dues

Ø      Assist in increasing and expanding memberships

Ø      Submit votes towards all qualified awards



To bring together those that want information regarding education and sports that will inspire motivation to be empowered through connections made possible in sports.


The Need

Time again, research consistently shows that when parents are involved in their child's education, those children have better grades, test scores, long-term academic goals, attitudes, and behavior than those with uninvolved mothers and fathers.   We want to have an impact on education and sports by breaking down barriers.


Our Vision

To increase the graduation rate from 32% to over 80% within the next 4 - 6 years and eliminate the “Dropout Factory” stigma for over 20 Philadelphia high schools.  Through the membership groups we can assemble a strong support group for those want to excel utilizing the benefits of Education & Sports.  Providing information to parents will allow an active approach to their children’s future post-secondary education.  Student-athletes will be empowered to have their destiny in their own hands.  We hope that coaches will understand what complexities can be simplified through a positive network of like-minded coaches that have the interest of their players first and foremost to succeed independently with reinforced leadership.

Membership Levels

The Sports Training Foundation understands that parents have the most influential responsibility to the development of their children.  Everyday you are faced with decisions that impact your children in the best possible way guiding their abilities to succeed in this world.  As a parent, your voice is just as important to other parents that want to improve the opportunities for their children to obtain college athletic scholarships, careers that are compatible with their skills, and surrounded by positive reinforcement of the values that you instill. 


The “Parents” Membership Group was created to provide a connection to other parents as well as offering of information that will accelerate their child to the top of the list of candidates to play college sports at any level.  Through the trademark Education & Sports at Philadelphia Sports Training Center, the Sports Training Foundation offers convenient opportunities to network, receive financial aide for PSTC programs, and financial assistance for college finances for collegiate bound student-athletes.



As a student-athlete you have joined an elite group of professional athletes that started their athletic career in the same way that you are by playing sports in an organized manner.  Membership in The Sports Training Foundation will ignite your passion to play sports and also obtain the highest quality of education available.  We will provide you monthly seminars that will provide you with the knowledge to advance your status to the top of recruiting list based on your involvement in your educational progress and your ability to maintain your physical conditioning through sports training focused on statistical improvement.


The “Student-Athlete” Membership Group was created to assist in your knowledge of education and sports as well as the possibility to receive one of the financial awards towards financial assistance as a collegiate bound athlete.  Recognition through awards promotes your leadership qualities for college recruiters and scouts to distinguish your abilities and marketability of their school.  The Sports Training Foundation  has weekly, monthly, and annual awards.  These awards are nominated by your peers, coaches, and parents which is significant appreciation of your active involvement as a member in good standing.

I believe the role of the sports coach is to create the right conditions for learning to happen and to find ways of motivating the athletes. Most athletes are highly motivated and therefore the task is to maintain that motivation and to generate excitement and enthusiasm. The roles that you will find you undertake as a coach will be many and varied and you will find at some stage in your coaching career that you will be: instructor, assessor, friend, mentor, facilitator, demonstrator, advisor, supporter, fact finder, motivator, counselor, organizer, planner and the Fountain of all Knowledge.  As a member of The Sports Training Foundation you will expand your network of influence in Education & Sports.  The opportunities to learn alternative ways to connect with parents and athletes.


The “Coaches” Membership Group brings coaches together with parents, student-athletes, and collegiate coaches to learn more effective ways to promote the importance of Education & Sports combined to assist in getting to the next level in their education.  Through your membership you’ll be able to advance your career, consistently motivate your players, learn about undisclosed opportunities of open positions, and become a voice in the promotion of sports to student-athletes in the Philadelphia-area.


Membership Payment

All memberships are preferred to be paid in full to adequately supplement costs for operating the program, coordinating events, and offering financial assistance to student-athletes that request PSTC services.  We accept cash, check, money order, or credit card (via PayPal).

Memberships on payment plans must include a $25 deposit to begin the payment plan and cover administrative costs.  Payments must be up-to-date to maintain good standing as a member of The Sports Training Foundation.

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