There are a two (4) ways to get in shape.  Choosing your level that fits your ability.  As a youngster, one always wants to run, jump, laugh, play.  But that's why you play with friends and teammates.  Once you get through high school and move onto college, the passion for playing sports transfers into intramurals then recreation.  But the one thing that never fades away is your drive to win!  When the band stops playing, the crowds exit the stadium, and you know that its time to prolong your lifespan with a few simple steps.  Where do you turn for the answers...Philadelphia Sports Training Center (PSTC).

Choose from the following links below to find your passion and find a healthier lifestyle. 

Here you will find the "fountain of youth!"

Sports Performance Training

Isn't it time you had the opportunities that you've always wanted?  You wanted to be faster, here's the place to work.  You wanted to get stronger, this is the only place that caters to athletes.  You wanted to find an all-year round competitive way to step up your game, this is where it starts.  Through Sports Performance Training, you'll encounter the mandatory requirements to step up your game.  Each athlete will learn our patented "Keys to Success".  The specific ingredients that make an athlete success on the field and off the field at any age.

Group Sports Training

Available for middle school and high school athletes only in all sports for boys and girls.  Price includes t-shirt, 8 weeks of training up until week before Fall Pre-Season starts.  Work on speed-agility-quickness and strength & power with professional sports trainers that work with pro athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA and high school state championship teams.  Let us get you off the bench and in the game so that you can step up your "A" Game.

Corporate training is also available for those that want to train in a group with co-workers for a fraction of the cost.  Each session consists of dynamic warm-up, cardio training, muscle development, abdominal exercises, and flexibility to ease muscle soreness.  These training sessions are all performed outside at the Philadelphia Art Museum or at Temple University track on 15th & Cecil B. Moore,

Fitness Training

Our programs are focused on you!  If you want to get back into shape, this is a simple step-by-step way to do so in a group atmosphere based on your individual needs, this is your place.  If you're a "Weekend Warrior" that wants to compete as best as you can against your peers, this is where it starts.  We train you like you want to be trained.  Just like the "PRO's" we make sure that you are able to push through the muscle fatigue, the mental boredom from the same routine producing limited to no results.  Let our professional sports trainers get you ahead of the game.

Personal Training

Allow on of our qualified personal trainers to provide you with an intense workout that will have you feeling immediately what you've been waiting for..."growth."  each client will have a pre-evaluation and pre-testing measurements to record their starting point and assess their strengths and weaknesses.  This is how the pro's train and you will be given the same attention we give to our pro athletes.  You will be given nutritional advice, but should seek the counsel of a registered dietician and nutritionist if so desired.  Basic principles will be given and you will be required to uphold your "end of the bargain."  Personal Training is more teamwork than just showing up.  Personal Trainers only have you for a minimum of 2 hours per week...the other 168 hours are up to you to use wisely with guidance and motivation.  Your (realistic) goals will be attained and we will get you there.  Lets work together.  Also included is a BodyGem analysis of your RMR.  Why test for that...because to understand how many calories your body needs daily will tell you how many calories you need to reduce or increase to gain or lose weight.  Let us help you reach your goals!

Online Personal Training

I know that everyone would like to have a personal trainer 24/7 and its impossible.  Not only in budget, but also you may be located in California, Florida, Texas, Chicago, but you still would like t know what exercises you should be doing.  Then this is the right opportunity for you to get customized animated workouts designed based on your needs and goals.