Adult Fitness

This is a "Weekend Warrior's" Dream!  a place to train like the pro's, get in shape in a sports environment, and explore the techniques that will make you compete better in your respective recreation sport.

Adults that want to get in shape in a private setting, through our enclosed Adult Fitness Center, we will have a personal trainer instruct you on ways to keep your heart rate achieved at its maximum to help burn off calories, increase muscle tone and have fun.  Boredom is the #1 component of adults who "stop" working out or taking care of their bodies.  In a group setting with your peers and in a controlled environment, let our professional personal trainers get you where you want to be.

Parents bringing their children to participate in our Athletic & Academic Programs are able to workout while you wait!  No need to go home, drive to a local gym for un-instructed workouts, or spend money shopping.  Now you too can train, in the Adult Fitness Center away from your children's view and work on you.  The biggest surprise is all the weight you'll lose, the inspiration to balance your diet/nutritional intake, and the look on your kid's face when they see how much working on your body improves your self-esteem, confidence, and fashion.

Senior Fitness

Time to get out and get moving!  You've done everything you can for your children, you've done everything in your life to enjoy the rewards of retirement.  Now you can do something to improve your life span, relieve stress to joints and muscles, and give yourself something to do while you wait to see your grandchildren's face as they enjoy more activities with their grand parents.  Just a few days a week for approximately 60 minutes, you will be given personal training among your peers and put the fun back in your life while doing activities to keep your joints and muscles moving.  Who knows it may reduce your visits to the doctor.......Come join PSTC with your neighbors, your retirement community, or bring a family member along to workout with you.  Our number one goal is to give you something to look forward to every week of every month for as long as you want to continue training.